Personal Credit Via Internet

Today is a time when purchase of modern laptop or TV set is a reality, not unrealizable dream. Now it is possible to purchase everything without leaving the apartment via the Internet and to arrange the credit for purchase.

If the goods are chosen with registration on credit the passport, copy and filled in questionnaire is sent to the seller of goods. The income certificate is not required. Within one day the bank makes a decision on your request. Then the seller contacts the client to clarify the delivery address.

At goods receipt the client will be asked to show the original of passport and will be suggested to sign the contract for crediting. Also the first fee for purchase is possible. The further cooperation with bank will be direct.

Online credit has some demerits, one of which a higher interest rate comparing with ordinary credit. This measure is taken by banks for settlement of their risks as they grant money to the client whom has never seen before. The second minus for which crediting online is considered to be unprofitable is that when signing such agreement buyers almost never read it. Very often such approach to signing the documents leads to considerable financial expenses and losses. It is possible even to pay the double price of goods as you have not paid attention to big sanctions, penalties and percent in time.

However, if to do everything correctly, to read agreements and conditions thoroughly estimating them during conversation with the seller the online credit sale may become very convenient and profitable method of any goods purchase.

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