How To Use Personal Credit

If you are a bank client or just intended to become it a personal credit can be the best option for cooperation. Such credit can be arranged for various purposes and with maximal benefit for the client.

It is already possible to arrange a personal credit having a credit card, mortgage or auto credits. For its obtaining it is required to meet just a few conditions:

• To have the corresponding citizenship;

• Registration in any city where there is a branch of the chosen bank;

• To have the actual registration in the city or township where there was an application for a loan, the availability of home telephone number is desirable;

• The age should be at least twenty five years;

• The income fixed and not below an average;

• Length of service at one place not less one year;

• You should not have another uncovered personal credit.

For registration of the ordinary credit bank doesn’t require the guarantee and pledge by valuable property. In this case it is quite enough to fill in the questionnaire required by the bank and to submit it together with related documents (passport data and certificate of salary for half a year) to the bank employee.

In case of large credit granting additionally may be requested: a copy of car registration certificate, a foreign passport copy with all stamps confirming passport control as the fact of trip abroad within the last year and a copy of the first page of borrower’s health insurance policy.

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