How To Repay Personal Credit Ahead Of Schedule

It is required to notify Bank about your intention to repay in advance a personal credit before fixed term. For this purpose there are two methods of notification:

• The first is written application for early payment of the credit (in bank or online), application forms are usually published on the websites of almost all banks. Then the application is handed over to the bank clerk or sent by e-mail to one of the bank branch.

• The second: a call is made to the center which is responsible for a customer support not later than in five days prior the dates of money return. It is reported to operators about it. Term doesn’t change depending on how the repayment will be carried out in parts or completely. Any restrictions in payments for partial repayment it is not established. It is possible to learn about full amount of debt on a personal credit in the same place.

If the bank provided to the client a repayment holiday it will be possible to do pre-term withdrawal of credit only after holiday completion.

If the client repays only part of a loan, the bank will be obliged to recalculate the amount of monthly payments, and the payment schedule is made convenient to the client. There are two options of recalculation:

• Credit validity period is reduced, but the payment amount per month remains the same;

• Repayment amount decreases but the repayment period doesn’t change.

If the client pays off a debt to the bank before specified term, the bank has no right to apply penalties to it or to establish the moratorium on early payments, and to charge a commission.

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