Personal Crediting And Life Insurance

Personal credit can be arranged on any amount from minimum to maximum limit provided by the bank. The credit is granted for one-three years. Money is transferred on the customer’s account and can be spent at his discretion. The received money can be withdrawn via the ATM and used for cash calculations. It is possible to pay for goods with plastic card or to transfer money from account to account having paid thus purchase or services.

Loan repayment is carried out every month with equal parts. In case of the agreement conclusion the client is given a schedule of debt repayment in which payment amounts and repayment date are specified.

By the way, banks offer various options of loan repayment on the borrower’s choice. The necessary amount can be charged off the salary account. In is possible to pay a debt via terminals or cash desk of the bank. In this case money for a bank account will be transferred immediately. Client may transfer money by means of Internet banking.

Among other things banks have life and health insurance service of the borrowers receiving personal crediting. Every client has an opportunity to arrange such insurance. It will be indispensable in case of illness of the borrower or his premature death. As soon as there the insured event comes the company which arranged the insurance policy settles all agreement obligations, including percent, penalties and sales charges. The insurance through all points of sales is arranged.

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