Personal Credit For Housing Purchase

Many people dream about own living space in our country. Today this issue can be solved having obtained a mortgage. By means of housing crediting it is possible to make purchase of housing in the secondary market, in a new building, and also to purchase the house in the country.

It is possible to obtain a personal credit on a mortgage, on the security of the available real estate. Interest rates on such credit are not fixed. Every bank has its own rates. Therefore, in case of a mortgage choice it is necessary to analyze all pros and cons of credit receipt in the chosen bank.

Each resident of the country who reached eighteen-year age and has the fixed and high income may obtain a housing credit. Before making the decision in what bank to apply for credit, it is necessary to know precisely a loan interest rate. It may be calculated at any brunch of the chosen bank. As soon as the decision is made it is necessary to submit to the bank the application for granting a mortgage.

Requirements of banks to the client are following:

• An age framework within 18-65 years;

• Availability of permanent job and enough income which will allow paying off a debt;

• A fixed registration and residence in the city where the credit is allotted;

• The income of the second spouse the bank may use for credit amounts calculation.

There is an individual approach to businessmen and business owners in case of credit granting.

The request for mortgage receipt can be arranged online. The bank employee will contact you without fail to specify amount and dates of credit receipt and will fix a convenient time for credit obtaining.

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