About Hidden Rocks Of Personal Crediting

Many of us heard and more than once said the phrase “don’t put off anything”. Generally it is related to our various desires, to execute which is not always possible because of money shortage. And the advertising which captivated all living floor space urges us to solve the problems by means of purchase of desired goods on credit. There is nothing bad in such slogans, and in certain cases making up of a personal credit is the only thing to do from in current situation, and such loan allows purchasing everything just now.

But, as they say, the advertising barrel of honey has the small spoon of tar. In this spoon there are hidden commissions and high interests on credit which can lead to serious overpayments. Today bankers in case of determination of final cost of the credit consider the inflation growth, currency rate, validity period of the credit and risk amount during the work with a specific client. But different commissions are added which eventually create an interest rate for use of the credit. As a result the real amount on the taken credit can be very high and not corresponding to advertising offers of a banking product.

Information on charges and commissions omitted during agreement signing which the bank is obliged to report within the first minutes of communication (very few people do it), and turns the minimum commission rate of into fabulous figures which the client will be forced to pay to the bank.

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