Receipt of Fast Personal Credit

Financial institutions offer fast crediting by cash which is represented to clients as a personal credit.

Maximum amount on this credit possible to receive is ten thousand dollars. Such crediting is convenient because it is possible for registration at any bank branch issuing a personal credit. Pledge is not required. It is impossible to obtain the credit through the third party. This is a positive moment if to estimate receipt of a loan regarding its safety.

It is possible to arrange the credit for a period from one till three years. The interest rate completely depends on what term money is given and is calculated for each borrower individually. It is not difficult to pay for a loan. The most acceptable conditions are created in order payments were convenient to clients. Settlement of a loan can be made through cash desk of the bank, terminals and ATMs, or to use a special service allowing transfer funds via the Internet. Banks don’t request commission charges for such transfer.

Personal credit can be repaid till the term specified in the agreement at any time. In that case bank also doesn’t levy the commissions and penalties.

Banks also offer additional servicing such as payment date change for more convenient and registration of repayment holiday. This service becomes possible after the client made at least three monthly payments. Repayment holiday is provided to the client not more than once a year and only in case if there are no violations of payment discipline.

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