Long-term Personal Credit Registration

Quite often clients of banks are interested in a personal credit with longer than usually repayment period. Often it is required in case of receipt of large money on business development, purchase of the apartment, vehicle or overall repairs. It is easy to obtain such credit. For this purpose it is necessary to [...]

Whether It Is Possible To Grant Personal Credit To Minor

There is a wrong opinion that granting of personal credits to persons, who have not reached eighteen-year age, is not popular. We can assure you that is not so. Simple credits exist, and almost all banks may grant a credit card to any citizen including minor, But the limit of such cards has [...]

About Hidden Rocks Of Personal Crediting

Many of us heard and more than once said the phrase “don’t put off anything”. Generally it is related to our various desires, to execute which is not always possible because of money shortage. And the advertising which captivated all living floor space urges us to solve the problems by means of purchase [...]

Interest Rates Of Personal Loans Are Reduced For Small Business

Today banks turn their face to small business. Decreasing by one and a half percent the interest rate became one of the last steps on a personal crediting, thus validity period of a credit line increased. Such crediting gives the chance to businessmen to receive promptly missing resources for financing their activities. Maximum [...]

Personal Loan Against Vehicle Mortgage

Almost every day clients, who need a term personal loan in large amounts apply to banks, and want to have not too enslaving terms of such loan granting. Financial institutions are ready to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation to each client offering for this purpose the fastest types of personal loans, [...]

What Happens If Client Has Not Repaid Loan

When the borrower arranged the relations with bank under the agreement on loan-pledge and at that fulfills all the liabilities both the parties are happy with mutual cooperation. If not, the financial institution, most likely, will be compelled to address to judicial authorities to prove the right to use the pledged valuable property. [...]

Specifics Of Personal Credit Granting To Legal Entities And Private Persons

Nowadays banks perform two types of personal crediting. It is a loan to legal entities and private persons.

Crediting of private persons is granted in case of achievement of the established age by them. The contract with the borrower is signed personally. As to the legal entities, the agreement is signed [...]

Personal Crediting Of Legal Entities And Private Persons

Modern banks offer many options of banking products, and conditions of their obtaining are quite acceptable.

Banks subdivide clients on private and legal entities (companies, entities, and so forth). Difference of personal crediting of these categories is in the following: the private person is the most ordinary citizen of the state [...]

Bonuses And Conditions Of Personal Crediting

After the client of the bank, who obtained a personal credit, carried out the first twelve payments, the bank may lower the interest rate for the agreement. This service is available only if the credit is arranged for the term of at least two years and on condition of excellent payment discipline.

Receipt of Fast Personal Credit

Financial institutions offer fast crediting by cash which is represented to clients as a personal credit.

Maximum amount on this credit possible to receive is ten thousand dollars. Such crediting is convenient because it is possible for registration at any bank branch issuing a personal credit. Pledge is not required. It [...]