Bonuses And Conditions Of Personal Crediting

After the client of the bank, who obtained a personal credit, carried out the first twelve payments, the bank may lower the interest rate for the agreement. This service is available only if the credit is arranged for the term of at least two years and on condition of excellent payment discipline.

Any person of twenty one – sixty years old may open personal crediting. At that, fixed place of employment, stable salary and availability of mobile (stationary) phone are obligatory. For agreement conclusion the client may submit to the bank employee a passport with fixed registration. However, if the borrower wants to raise rating of the agreement and to receive additional benefits in the form of percentage commission reduction he should add a salary certificate for the last half a year to a package of documents, copies of card voluntary insurance and car technical data, at that, operation term of the vehicle should not exceed five years.

For not legal entities banks provide granting of means on a personal credit from five hundred to ten thousand dollars; in case of not timely loan repayment the penalty, the amount of which is specified in the agreement, is levied from the client. Those clients, to whom banks independently direct offers on granting of personal crediting, get the best crediting conditions (for example, a smaller interest rate).

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