Personal Credit And Its Benefits

Benefits of personal crediting are:

• Acceptable interest rate;

• No registration of pledge for loan granting (only in case of a large loan);

• Minimal package of required documents;

• Non-use of sales charges for credit issuance and accounts servicing;

• Permission to a partial or complete reimbursement of debt on credit without penalties;

• Availability of convenient Internet banking.

The personal credit can be granted for any needs, both to physical persons, and legal entities. Legal entities should submit just an application with reasons for loan granting which is handed over to a credit specialist at the bank. The application is studied within several days. In case of positive decision the credit is arranged quickly and given in very short time.

To physical persons it is easier to obtain the credit as their requests are not so great. It is possible to arrange the credit within one day having just provided the bank with all necessary documents.

For registration of credit agreement it is required: identification papers, fixed registration, and notification about a salary for the last six months and the military card (for men reached the age when they may be drafted). Sometimes specialists of bank can request in addition the copy of the service record book certified by the employer, and also the passport copy of one of the relatives. Unfortunately, banks terms and conditions are not regulated by the state and therefore they can impose any requirements to borrowers on their discretion.

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