Benefit Of Personal Crediting

This year many banks reduced rates on personal crediting, both for physical persons and legal entities.

For information: personal crediting implies allocation of funds for any needs. To obtain such credit it isn’t required to look for guarantors or to put personal valuable property in pledge, compensation of a debt is made with equal parts. If the staff of the company is served according to salary accounts in one of the banks they can take a personal loan on more advantageous conditions in the same bank than the client from outside. Sometimes the interest rate for such credits decreases to 3,5% per year. Everything depends on validity period of the credit and required amount. Not the last role is played also by the region in which the client of bank lives.

Bankers with all their actions try to show that they constantly work on improvement of service terms and creation of favorable and comfortable relationship between bank and clients. The amounts which clients of bank can receive in case of registration personal loan may be very considerable. At that term for return of the debt is very loyal – from two to five years.

Those staff of the companies which receive a salary via bank where they also obtained a personal credit, decrease in a percentage commission is expected for credit receipt to one percent from its total component. At that, other sales charges are not taken. For everybody who does not receive salary at this bank one and a half percent without collection of other commissions is fixed.

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