Personal Credit Obtaining And Assessment Of Chances To Obtain It

It is possible to obtain a personal credit without any problems if:

• The client has the corresponding citizenship;

• Has a fixed registration;

• Works and lives near to bank

• Has a stationary home telephone number (not always is obligatory);

• Client’s age reached twenty five years;

• Has a permanent job and stable earnings not less the established level;

• The years of service on one place of employment is more than one year;

• There is no any other personal credit payments on which are still continued.

In order to avoid problems in case of credit receipt before applying for a credit study attentively the requirements and conditions of the bank and estimate the chances.

To arrange a personal credit is rather easily. Any person is able to do it. Pledge is not required for its obtaining. It is just necessary to fill in the questionnaire and to submit to the bank clerk all related documents:

• Passport;

• Copy of one of the listed documents:

identification code (certificate on tax accounting);

policy on obligatory or voluntary medical insurance;

state insurance of pension fund;

copy of foreign passport with all marks made during passport control which confirm departure of the client abroad within a year and its return back;

car registration certificate copy;

• Salary certificate for last half a year.

The bank considers the application within five working days then let you know the decision.

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