Acquisition of Household Appliances With Personal Credit

We still remember how parents saved money for some years to buy a refrigerator, TV set or furniture. It was until the apartment wasn’t filled with necessary household things. Today it is much easier and it is possible to obtain a personal credit at the bank for everything you want:  from a laptop to a mortgage.

To buy on credit a modern washing machine and other household appliances it is necessary to apply to any bank which will lend you (not gratuitously) means for purchase of desired object. Big shops also grant payments by installments on purchase of household appliances.

Before granting a credit bank will request documents obligatory for registration: a passport, salary certificate for half a year and identification code copy. It is also necessary to fill in the questionnaire having answered all questions which the bank will require. Quite often in it asked to specify phone number on which it is possible to keep in contact and the person ready to confirm information which the client specified in the questionnaire.

Banks impose requirements to the borrowers according to which only the citizen, who reached eighteen-year age and has a fixed registration in a place credit receipt, may perform a purchase. Credited person should be capable to initial purchase money upon. In such a way the bank will receive confirmation of client’s solvency. It is possible to repay the credit by any convenient method:  via bank terminals, cash desks and the Internet.

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